Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cameron Diaz, most dangerous celebrity on the Web

The beautiful actress Cameron Diaz, was shrewd fight in the movie Charlie's Angel. But this had nothing to do with the brand-new title that bears: 'The Most Dangerous Celebrity on the Web ".
Is a computer security firm McAfee who dub Cameron Diaz as the most dangerous celebrity on the web. Cameron snatch the title from the hands of other beautiful celebrity, Jessica Biel.
Then, what is causing Cameron Diaz got the title now? Diaz turned out to be very dangerous indeed in search engines.
When his name is typed at the top of the search engine, the search results will provide an index containing links to malicious web sites (malicious site). When the link is clicked on that link, the malicious software might infect our computers.
"This year, the search result celebrities are safer than in previous years," said Dave Marcus, McAfee security experts quoted from eWeek.
Now the virus makers prefer to hide malicious content behind the link URLs that can spread virally in social networking and Twitter. Still, malware via the search still harm when we're surfing the internet.
Diaz search will provide 10 percent of links to malicious sites from all search results in the index. Moreover, when a more specific search keywords 'Cameron Diaz screensavers', then 19 percent of the search results will lead to a website that can be damaging.
Following Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery, the search for other celebrities dangerous is Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen and actor Brad Pitt.
Some searches against other celebrities who also should be wary of is supermodel Adriana Lima, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tom Cruise, Heidi Klum, PenelopeCruz, Anna Paquin, Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, and Tiger Woods.
President Barack Obama and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is also included in the ranks of a dangerous quest. "The cyber criminals follow the topics that are hot among users, and continue to create traps based on the latest trends," Marcus explained.
"When surfing the Internet either on the web or through your mobile phone, you should be careful when clicking on links from Twitter regarding your favorite selbriti. Make sure your device has the latest security software, "said Marcus.

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